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From the 17th century, after they evolved from spring powered clocks, wrist watches have been a popular fashion item. As they put together functionality with fashion, watches have stood the test of time from the mechanical timepieces of old to the quartz watches that shot to popularity in the 1980's to the smartwatches of today. Despite the fact we are able to now tell time by looking at our display screen, cell phone or car dashboard, wearing a wrist watch remains to be a fashion statement that most of us elect to make.

So what would you say if we told you there was a means of possessing this style and functionality free of charge? There is a new movement emerging for upcoming designers to share their timepieces and develop brand awareness by giving away samples of their products. Free designer watches may appear too good to be true, but they are a very real proposition and a intelligent marketing ploy at any rate.

How then it is possible for businesses to give away free watches?

Well, it is simple really. If you consider that most manufacturers of designer watches attach an enormous mark up to their products, simply because they have the demand from customers and brand reputation behind them, then it's not likely the price of making the product you will be paying for but the prestige that is associated with the brand. Take a new designer on the market and there is none of that requirement or brand acknowledgement, so one of the ways that they can get their watches noticed will be to give a certain number away cost-free to start with, so they can start to increase brand recognition.

However, will this work? On its own, maybe not, but when mixed with a good marketing campaign, making use of the best suited channels like social media, it may work really well to bring new brands the awareness they must have to start generating demand.

The best coup for new watch brands, is to find celebrity endorsements. Having someone in the public eye wear your timepiece is just about one of the greatest ways to generate interest, however, this can be tricky to achieve and as many new businesses will understand, any recognition in the early days is much valued.

So, how can you get yourself a designer timepiece? You can find out more here about shop.free-watch-club.com.

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