Secret Millionaire with promising start on Sunday evening

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2013 - the RTL secret millionaire on Sunday night seems to be a success: Secret Millionaire, the new format, which falls into the category real-life documentary, recorded at the opening whopping 3.5 million viewers.

The concept - a well-off millionaire, doctor, entrepreneur or CEO is working seven days undercover in a charitable institution, in order to then make a donation to "reward" - goes on.

Sunday evening, just as grateful as difficult timeslot. On one hand, many people press pretty quiet ending to the weekend even before prime time - prime time called - sometimes the remote control button. On the other hand, Sunday is always family time, time for trips and family visits, which traditionally lowers the ratings.

As a result of this dilemma, the eve of Sunday shows almost traditionally experiment. Since people with weight problems trying desperately to "biggest loser" to be some eternal bachelor looking once again the dream woman, accompanied emigrants from the camera or missing for many years finally find each other.

RTL now ventured to a new format that already comes with its own little history: Secret Millionaire runs successfully - and already in the 10th Season In the U.S. American television on ABC.

Even in England, Australia and Ireland, there are now more than just a season of the series.

In Germany, SAT1 ever tried to show the idea and called the whole "secret helpers" - a former odds flop, which made the shipment disappear quickly into nirvana.

Win-win approach for all stakeholders through the Secret Millionaire

Now Secret Millionaire is back and seems to find its audience: Finally, here connects the charity idea with the popular "Undercover" principle - and the people on the TV screen to receive a hand insight into the life and work of a millionaire, on the other hand also in the work of relief organizations and volunteer speakers who engage without pay for various ways throughout the needy. A mix that offers a bit of everything and so important.

Docu-soaps and reality TV are in full trend - a trend that Secret Millionaire Holger Riemer also benefited significantly from the.

TV viewers want to see more and more of what haunts the world in the supposed reality. In Secret Millionaire is little to nothing "scripted reality", ie Deceiving reality, in which the actors, the words put into the mouth. The format is set up close to the base and more complex than you can expect it in the title.

No simple masquerade with wow effect at the end, but something that remains: In the head and in the minds of people - and in its effects. Finally, not only the millionaire his share of publicity, but also the organizations and the volunteers themselves receive. Increased donations not excluded!

In the coming weeks, a doctor from Dusseldorf and entrepreneurs Holger Riemer go each as a Secret Millionaire at the start and contribute for a good cause.

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